AHD Ltd has been a supplier of equine products since 2002 when it introduced the Equine Health range of natural remedies for horses.

The Equine Health range soon became a trusted and well supported brand across all age groups and equestrian activity. By 2005 we were exporting the Equine Health range to Australia and England with New Caledonia also becoming an export market in 2009.

On the strength of our profile with the Equine Health product range new opportunities were presented to the company and before long we were distributing Prazivec horse wormers and the ever popular NZ Gold range while introducing more of our own products.

Anproflex our registered “cold pressed” green lipped mussel powder for horses has gained a loyal following and everyone that has used it on their horses have been blown away by the quick response and improvements in the horses overall mobility. Click Here to read some customer feedback.

If you have a horse, any type, any age that is showing signs of arthritis or stiff joints I really do encourage you to give Anproflex a go, it really does work and its a small dose compared to other products on the market.You’ll witness the difference in your horse within 3 to 4 weeks (yip not months, weeks)

For those of you with dogs we have developed a liquid formulation called Anproflex liquid , it has a lot of features which you and your dog will just love. Check it out on our on line shop.

Our reputation in the equine market is such that we are continually approached by other supply companies wanting us to market and distribute their equine products.

This gives us the opportunity to be very selective as to what we want to be associated with, a very recent example is Nostrilvet, this product from the UK appealed to me as it really did offer a solution to a common problem, backed with good trial work in Europe which is ongoing and technical support all of which you can find on www.ahdltd.co.nz.  Nostrivlet is starting to get some momentum. Best of all every customer to date has had a positive result with the product.

In 2016, AHD is pleased to offer an expanded TRM range.  TRM believes in ‘performance through innovation’ and to this end they have continually invested to create, what is today, an industry leader in the research, manufacture and distribution of equine feed supplements.

I look forward to your support and feedback .

Richard Kettle
Managing Director
AHD Limited