Welcome to the AHD Equine online shop.

We have some well known and trusted brands in our stable of products, such as TRM equine range plus some new Equine products including RockTape Equine and Hot R.N.L.

The online shop also provides product information across our extensive range and will be a useful tool to refer to for more knowledge on just what each product does, the ingredients and key benefits.

AHD is a flexible company, meaning we can adapt quickly to meet customer demands, formulation improvements and new distribution opportunities as evident with our new product offerings this season.

We are by no means the biggest animal health company in New Zealand and we have no ambition to be that. Our focus is to be New Zealand’s best locally owned animal health company that demonstrates a willingness to embrace our customer’s cultures forming loyal and beneficial bonds.

We are very passionate about all things equine and along with myself AHD have staff members that ride and are very involved in equine activities.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions about our equine products.

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