Cat Litter – Eco Litter

  • 100% Pure New Zealand pine cat litter.
  • Cats prefer AHD pure pine pellet clumping litter.
  • Last for months not weeks
  • Low moisture content <8%
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Hygienically clean from the start – pure natural material, no additives or synthetic materials
  • Low maintenance and cost effective
  • Eco-friendly – what is taken out is of no threat to the environment or handler
  • Cats find it easy to push clumps aside
  • Easy to clean and maintain cat litter boxes
  • Convenient 14 litre bag.

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$20.00 incl. GST

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Low moisture content of <8% means it is very absorbable making for easy cleaning out of cat litter boxes as urine and faeces “clumps”.

Using AHD Cat Litter means the cat bed/box remains dry unlike non-clumping cat litters that become saturated with the urine and therefore smell. AHD Cat litter pellets are hygienically clean, non-dusty and has a natural pine smell which is long lasting.

Removing the used pellets from the cat litter is not difficult and you are not having to change the whole litter box each time, you simply remove the clumps and top up with the fresh pellets as required.

AHD Cat litter will last for months based on one cat per litter box, (if the cat produces a high volume of urine or there are multiple cats using the litter box then it will require cleaning out monthly) unlike other cat litter that requires cleaning out completely at least once a week. This makes AHD Cat Litter very cost effective in comparison.