A ready to use liquid mineral tonic for calves, Epic is specially formulated as a very palatable tonic and feed supplement for the daily addition to milk or milk replacers for milk fed calves to promote good health and growth.

Used daily, EPIC will help negate any of the stress situations caused by transportation, sickness, injury or nutritional scours.

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EPIC has been formulated specifically for New Zealand calf rearing conditions.

A ready to use (RTU) liquid tonic and feed supplement, EPIC requires no mixing and contains not only chelated minerals but also fluid retention ingredients making it a dual-purpose product.

EPIC’s formulation will re-hydrate calves with nutritional scours, furthermore it helps re-hydrate calves on a daily basis with the unique high level of important natural ingredients promoting wellness, good health and daily weight gains.

EPIC is extremely palatable helping to stimulate milk consumption and assisting in teaching young calves to drink. The formulation has a high safety margin at 10x the daily dose, this is especially important when dealing with young, sick or convalescing (recovery period) calves

EPIC liquid calf tonic contains high levels of important natural ingredients to provide your calves with minerals, energy & hydration and promote wellness, good health and daily weight gains.

Available in 20L & 200L containers.


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