IPA Electronic Cleaner

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300ml aerosol

Safe cleaner for electronic equipment.

MPI Approved C12 Mild safe cleaner for all electronic and optic equipment

Pure cleaner for video, Hi-fi & CD equipment, safe cleaner for PCB’s, objective lens & ROM drives.

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Safe cleaner for electronic equipment.

Compatible with most materials.

Evaporates quickly, residue free.

IPA Cleaner is a 99.9% pure, mild cleaner for all electronic, electrical, mechanical and optic equipment. IPA Cleaner is a clear colourless liquid which has excellent compatibility with plastic and other materials.

IPA Cleaner evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and dries without spotting metal or glass surfaces.

IPA Cleaner effectively removes fat, oil, dust, grease, grime, condensed tobacco residue and light contaminants.

IPA Cleaner is perfect for mild but effective cleaning of electronics, avionics, optics, circuit boards, computers, photographic, keyboards, radios, printers, television, laboratory, ATM and EFTPOS machines.

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