Good hygiene sets the foundation for success, Virukilll’s efficacy is unmatched.

Mycoplasma Bovis Claim

Available in 1, 5 and 20 Litre containers.

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  • Eradication of pathogens in animal quarters before occupation
  • Exclusion of pathogens once animals are housed
  • Suppression of the pathogens evade attempts of eradication
  • Superior ability to kill micro–organisms under field conditions
  • Ability to penetrate cell walls
  • High safety profile and environmentally friendly to operator and animal
  • Truly non–corrosive and does not oxidize
  • Non–toxic at recommended rates
  • High surfactant content with excellent wetting and penetration abilities
  • Highly active in presence of organic matter, includes heavy soiling
  • Not pH dependent, works in wide range of temperatures
  • Not pH dependent
  • Tested with over 100 trial data reports
  • Suitable for use in Veterinary Clinics, Bio-security quarantine, all animal and poultry hygiene including housing and general farm hygiene