A.I. Tags

A.I. Tags are the only true Rub-Off tag in the world.  A.I. Tags require pressure from mounting activity to allow the surface of the tags to rub-off and display the signal colour underneath. THERE ARE NO FALSE POSITIVES WITH AHD A.I. Tags.

Available in 4 sleeves of 50 tags = 200 tags. Please email sales@ahdltd.co.nz to order.


A.I. Tag detectors have a dark-grey, ‘rub-off’ surface with a bright red coloured signal layer underneath. This bright colour, resulting from the rubbing pressure, begins to show through the grey layer after the first mounting. Additional mountings result in increased colour exposure.

In addition, A.I. Tags will also indicate that the animal may be going out of heat – repeated mountings over time will cause the tag’s colour signal layer to turn white. If you notice the tag turning white, you may have missed the heat.

Click here to watch an instruction video: A.I.Tags application – Dairy Cow

Find out more at: http://www.aitags.com/

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