Over the Moon

Over the Moon is a dark brown free flowing calcium based liquid energy drench containing essential minerals, amino acids and nutrients. Highly palatable consistent formulation with stabilized emulsion.

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Over the Moon not only provides the essential calcium and magnesium and other vital ingredients to activate the metabolism required by cows at times of calving, stress or feed alterations it also provides twice the available energy of other oils or fats commonly used in earlier formulations.

Provides 52g/l calcium, 10.4 g/l magnesium, immediate available energy sources, which can be metabolized by the cow to provide glucose in amounts sufficient to prevent or reverse ketosis. Total energy > 15Mj/l. Soya Bean oil resists breakdown in the rumen, but provides direct available energy to further support the cows liver function and other essential metabolism. Total dose of 1-1.2 litres is effective protection against hypocalcaemia. The sugar content, nutrients and molasses are immediately available and directly activate rumen micoflora activity.
Over the Moon, the ultimate energy drench.