Nail Hole Damage Repair

A highly penetrating disinfectant liquid to harden and protect old nail holes in horse’s hooves, helping guard against cracks which may allow dirt and grit into the hoof wall. Read the testimonial for Nail Hole Damage Repair.


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When a shoe is changed, the old nail holes can form a potential source of infection in the white line area of the hoof. Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is a topical disinfectant which can be applied directly into the nail holes, hardening the inside walls of the holes as well as preventing later cracking occurring. Tiny particles of grit and dirt can force their way into the inside wall of the hoof which may lead to an infection.

How It Works.
Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is a unique iodine-containing disinfectant product intended for application to nail holes in horses’ hooves. The iodine is present as an organic iodophor dissolved in a terpene solvent. The iodine not only functions as a disinfectant, but hardens the keratin inside the nail hole: this reduces the possibility of the empty nail hole acting as an originating location for future cracks in the horn. The solvent also acts as a disinfectant, by absorbing oxygen across the conjugated double bond structure of the terpene, then releasing it in an active form to destroy anaerobic bacteria in the hoof.

Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair should be applied directly into the former nail holes as soon as possible after the old shoe has been removed.

Keratex Nail Hole Damage Repair is available in a 200ml plastic squeezer bottle, with attached spout to provide accurate placing of the disinfectant.

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