Calf Oral Electrolytes

Calf Oral Electrolytes are available as 1.8kg, 3.6kg and 8kg pack sizes.

Animal Health Direct Limited Calf Electrolyte is fast acting free flowing formulation of electrolyte salts easily dissolved in water. Designed to assist with treatment for calves which are scouring as a result of bacterial, viral or nutritional causes.

Nil withholding period.

Each dose of Animal Health Direct Limited Calf Electrolyte solution, when made up as per instructions, contains Electrolytes, Sodium, Potassium, chloride, Energy Glucose, Amino Acids, Glycine, Alkalysing agents and Citrate* refer to Tech Support sheet for exact quantities.

* Citrate is a bicarbonate precursor, reducing problems associated with a high pH in the abomasum seen when bicarbonate alone is used as an alkalising agent.