There are twenty-one minerals considered to be nutritionally important. They can be grouped into major minerals and trace (minor) elements. Of the major minerals calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chlorine, potassium, sulphur and magnesium are considered important. Important trace elements are copper, cobalt, iron, iodine, zinc, manganese and selenium.

Mineral deficiencies, and in some cases imbalances, can cause metabolic disturbances and can produce specific deficiency diseases. Fertility, and hence calving percentage, can be affected. Milk production is obviously dependent on the health and the well-being of the dairy cow and any metabolic disturbance will affect milk production.

Mineral and dietary supplements within the AHD Limited product range include Stock Iodine, Calf Oral Electrolytes, Reload Copper capsules, Vitamec D3, Vitamec AD & E and Selenium.

If you have specific questions relating to mineral and dietary supplements please contact your Farm Consultant or Veterinarian for specific recommendations for treatment and prevention.


Guaranteed instant calcium release

Reduces the risk of Milk Fever by increasing the levels of calcium in the blood to a level that the cow will not suffer metabolic problems.

Also contains Vitamin D3, Phosphorous and Magnesium

Calcium deficiency after calving can lead to milk fever, especially from the second calving and later calving cows that are more sensitive.


Heading towards calving, cows are facing the most stressful period of the year

Key factors are the traditional feed management methods typically low in dry matter intake, hormone secretion, bone rebuilding and the most impact on them, metabolic changes.

Over the drying off period and leading into calving the cow needs to rebuild every aspect of her body to prepare for the new lactation season and to help combat metabolic disorders.

Science tells us that in each lactation a cow can lose around 500gm of calcium from her natural storage, bones, and even teeth being the sources. This draw-off of calcium and phosphorus is going into her milk.

Biggest impact is on the higher producing and older cows which succumb to milk fever.

It’s a tough period under the New Zealand grazing and winter conditions.

This is the time to ensure the cow is administered the likes of Drytop 10-week slow release bolus to ensure she is getting the mineral intake and build up on a daily basis to help get her into shape prior to calving.

Just on calving or just post calving, Calcitop will supply her with the important source of Calcium, Phosphorus and magnesium.

Bolus applications offers precise and accurate mineral uptake, no mess, you know she has it and the risk of metabolic disorder is greatly reduced.

Calf Oral Electrolytes

Calf Oral Electrolytes are available as 1.8kg, 3.6kg and 8kg pack sizes.

Animal Health Direct Limited Calf Electrolyte is fast acting free flowing formulation of electrolyte salts easily dissolved in water. Designed to assist with treatment for calves which are scouring as a result of bacterial, viral or nutritional causes.

Nil withholding period.

Dry Top Bolus

Mineral supplement specially designed for the dry period.
Slow release – 10 weeks
Guaranteed delivery of essential minerals and vitamins from 1 bolus
Iodine, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium
Vitamins: A, D3, E
Mineral Supplement designed for the dry period.


$95.02 incl. GST

A ready to use liquid mineral tonic for calves, Epic is specially formulated as a very palatable tonic and feed supplement for the daily addition to milk or milk replacers for milk fed calves to promote good health and growth.

Used daily, EPIC will help negate any of the stress situations caused by transportation, sickness, injury or nutritional scours.

Available in 20L & 200L containers.  Please email to order 200L as shipping will need to be quoted.

Epic Liquid Mineral for Horses

$13.03$39.96 incl. GST

A ‘Ready to Use’ liquid mineral tonic and feed supplement for daily use.

Used daily, EPIC will aid to help negate any of the stress situations caused by transportation, sickness, injury or exercise.

Use once a week as a balanced nutritional mineral supplement.



Iodine Tincture Spray 2.5% and 10%

Iodine Tincture contains free iodine (in alcohol) which has antiseptic qualities. This is the iodine best used on wounds ie dehorning wounds, navels on calves, sheep and horses, etc.

Iodine Tincture Spray 2.5% and 10%

$29.35$51.00 incl. GST

Iodine Tincture Spray contains free iodine (in alcohol) which has antiseptic qualities. This is the iodine best used on wounds eg dehorning wounds, navels on calves, sheep and horses.

Magnitop Bolus

Complementary feed for dairy cattle

Guaranteed controlled release (2.7g per day) of essential magnesium for lactating cows over the high-risk metabolic period.


1 dose = 4 weeks of continuous magnesium release

Magnitop for Grass Staggers.pdf

Oral Mag

Smooth easy to drench formulation which can also be added to feed.
Offers an extended residual effect meaning the magnesium is available when needed.

Red Flava Flow

The Red Fava Flow has the same mixing rate as our Green apple Flava Flow, 200ml per 1,000lt of drinking water, for solid medication to drinking water, add 50mls of Flava Flow per kg of solid medication (minerals) with some water and add into in line dispenser daily. For dry feed, add 1 litre of Flava Flow per M/T of feed.

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Stock Iodine 10%

Stock Iodine 10% is available in a 5L and 20L container.

Stock Iodine contains iodine in the form of potassium iodide which is best metabolized by the body into iodine (salt) when ingested. Therefore Stock Iodine is best used for oral iodine supplementation through troughs or any water access containers. Dosage refers to drops, a drop = a teaspoon or 2.5mls.