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Equine Health Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic & Honey

$22.50$31.70 incl. GST

Apple cider vinegar is a natural product rich in health giving bacterial enzymes, acid and minerals, including selenium. It is safe, natural, very palatable and is available in pack sizes to suit everyone, 2lt, 5lt 20lt and 200lt.

Equine Health Henna Shampoo

$24.50 incl. GST

Removes surface dirt. Enhances coats on bays and chestnuts. Aids in promoting glossy coats.

20% OFF until 31 October 2019 or while stocks last.


Equine Health Hot Repel Gel

$48.15 $16.66 incl. GST

One taste and your horses will stop chewing immediately.  Contains Petroleum Jelly, Liquid Paraffin, Capsicum Oleoresin

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Equine Health Neem Oil Shampoo

$29.90 incl. GST

Controls lice, ticks and mange in horses as well as conditioning and cleaning the horses coat leaving them clean and glossy.

20% OFF until 31 October 2019 or while stocks last.

Equine Health Oral Mag

$27.00$198.50 incl. GST

25% Magnesium Pidolate solution. Helps to prevent magnesium deficiency in horses. Elevates blood magnesium levels quickly. Levels may remain raised for 10-14 days.