COVID-19 UPDATE 24 March 2020
To clear up any confusion out there, we would like to let you know as an essential business being a supplier of Animal Health products WE ARE OPEN, WE HAVE STOCK and WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Our warehouse is closed to the public but all orders can be processed and despatched as normal.
As animal owners ourselves, we know you may be worried right now about gaining access to essential supplies. Please rest assured that we have been working closely with our suppliers and have good stock levels.
Our staff and warehouse are following government health recommendations.
Our Sales reps are available via email and phone if you need any information as is myself and our head office staff.
Thank you for your support at this uncharted time, stay safe and keep well.
Richard Kettle
AHD Managing Director

Welcome to Animal Health Direct Ltd

New Zealand owned and operated
Your one-stop-shop for all things equine, dairy, sheep, beef and deer
Proud to be part of New Zealand Made and Agrecovery

Animal Health Direct (AHD) offers you fantastic dairy, equine and animal health products.

If you own horses or raise calves our leading animal health products could be just right for you. For example: mineral and dietary supplements, herbal washes, hygiene products and our range of horse and calf bedding.

AHDLtd is also much immersed in the New Zealand dairy market where we supply metabolics and other calving support products. Recently we are able to offer a great new range of sheep fly and lice control products.

We supply our extensive product range through rural outlets and veterinarian clinics. Our equine products are available to buy direct from our online shop.

We are New Zealand owned and operated and our aim is to provide high quality alternative products.


AHD is proud to introduce the UnlockTM range of fly and lice control products.


AHD is proud to introduce Credence.

Credence is an easy to use disinfectant tablet which is effective against 45 common pathogenic bacteria with less corrosion.

  • Use to clean equipment, sheds, foot & wheel baths.
  • Keep your rural drinking water safe
  • Control water-bourne diseases on your farm


AHD is proud to introduce CalciTop –  CalciTop bolus reduces the risk of milk fever by increasing the levels of calcium in the blood to a level that the cow will not suffer metabolic problems.


AHD is proud to introduce Bovine Heat Detection A.I. Tags. The industry leading rub-off heat detection system.



Animec Super, an injectable solution for the treatment and control of internal and external parasites of cattle including adult liver fluke.

Don’t tell me, show me!

AHD is committed to supporting the equine and rural communities towards healthier and more productive animals.  As part of this support we have put together a number of instructional videos to introduce you to the benefits and use of AHD’s animal health products.

Credence Water Sanitiser

Credence for safe water and biosecurity on farm.

Control water-bourne diseases on your farm.

Keep rural drinking water safe.

Use to clean equipment, sheds, foot & wheel baths.

Keratex Hoofcare

The central concept to all of Keratex Hoofcare’s products is that they act directly on the keratin of the horn to improve the hoof – either to make it stronger or more waterproof or moister as the case may be.

Equine Natural Bedding

Animal Health Direct supply natural animal bedding for horses which provides many unique benefits. Made from 100% natural New Zealand pine, it’s easy to use and provides many advantages to wood shavings or sawdust.

Due to the high absorption rate, urine clumping and manure is easily collected, and old bedding can be used as compost or fertiliser.