Grow healthier cattle and sheep with AHD’s supplements.  Developed specifically for New Zealand farms, AHD’s supplements contain vitamins and minerals to assist with your stock’s growth and health.

Our range includes:

  • Epic liquid mineral tonic
  • Oral Mag magnesium drench
  • Ulta-Min Drench


$95.02 incl. GST

A ready to use liquid mineral tonic for calves, Epic is specially formulated as a very palatable tonic and feed supplement for the daily addition to milk or milk replacers for milk fed calves to promote good health and growth.

Used daily, EPIC will help negate any of the stress situations caused by transportation, sickness, injury or nutritional scours.

Available in 20L & 200L containers.  Please email to order 200L as shipping will need to be quoted.

Oral Mag

Smooth easy to drench formulation which can also be added to feed.
Offers an extended residual effect meaning the magnesium is available when needed.

Ultra-Min Drench

Ultra-Min is an essential vitamin and trace element liquid drench for all classes of sheep, goats, dairy/beef cows and calves

Ultra-Min is a ready to use (RTU) liquid supplement to aid in:

  • Improving overall stock health and vigour
  • Fertility performance
  • Livestock survival