AHD has been a trusted supplier of metabolic injections to the New Zealand dairy (and sheep) market since 2015.

Like no other metabolic injectable treatment the AHD range is completely endotoxin free so our solutions are not pyrogenic, we guarantee it.

The brand names are;
MetaBoost 4 in 1 and MetaBoost CBG and BlueCross 4 in 1 and BlueCross CBG


The proven and trusted formulations have remained the same for over 5 years.

The 4 in1 formulation has:

  • 27.5g/L Calcium (as calcium gluconate)
  • 30g/L Magnesium (as magnesium hypohosphite)
  • 12.2g/L Phosphorus (as hypophosphite)
  • 182g/L Glucose.

The CBG formulation has:

  • 33.3g/L Calcium (as calcium gluconate)

If feeding management isn’t right in the transition to calving then you are likely to get animal health problems.

Often these problems are associated with complex processes of metabolism. Common conditions include:
Grass Staggers – due to low concentration of magnesium in the blood
Milk Fever – occurring when concentration of calcium in the blood is too low
Ketosis – arising when the cow is consuming less energy than she is producing.

When a cow is down it may be difficult to determine which of the above conditions was the initial problem. Therefore a good transition system is important as with metabolic conditions prevention is better than cure.

If you have specific questions relating to Metabolic disorders please contact your Farm Consultant or Veterinarian for specific recommendations for treatment and prevention.


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