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Equine Health Apple Cider Vinegar + Garlic & Honey

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Apple cider vinegar is a natural product rich in health giving bacterial enzymes, acid and minerals, including selenium. It is safe, natural, very palatable and is available in pack sizes to suit everyone, 2lt, 5lt 20lt and 200lt.

SEL Health

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SelHealth 0.5% is used for the treatment of Selenium deficiency, for treatment of White Muscle Disease in sheep and cattle and the treatment and prevention of selenium responsive ill thrift.

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Stock Iodine 10%

Stock Iodine 10% is available in a 5L and 20L container.

Stock Iodine contains iodine in the form of potassium iodide which is best metabolized by the body into iodine (salt) when ingested. Therefore Stock Iodine is best used for oral iodine supplementation through troughs or any water access containers. Dosage refers to drops, a drop = a teaspoon or 2.5mls.