AHD Animal Bedding Demonstration Video

Full demonstration showing pellets being laid and how to activate with water.

Epic for Horses. Liquid Mineral Tonic

Epic Liquid 3 in 1 Tonic

  1. Essential Minerals
  2. Energy Boost
  3. Rehydrate

Credence Water Sanitiser

Credence for safe water and biosecurity on farm.

Control water-bourne diseases on your farm

Keep rural drinking water safe

Use to clean equipment, sheds, foot & wheel baths

Keratex Hoofcare

The central concept to all of Keratex Hoofcare’s products is that they act directly on the keratin of the horn to improve the hoof – either to make it stronger or more waterproof or moister as the case may be.

Oral Mag

Spring growth comes with higher sugar content and grass that is often magnesium deficient.  The result of this is horses become much more excitable, showing signs of nervousness even demonstrating muscle shaking. The best method to correct any magnesium deficiency is to supplement with LIQUID ORAL MAG from AHD

Te Akau Racing Stables - Natural Bedding Testimonial

Te Akau Racing Stables in Matamata has been using AHD Natural Animal Bedding in its stables.  Watch this video to see what they think of this great product.

Equine Bedding

Animal Health Direct supply natural animal bedding for horses which provides many unique benefits.

Due to the high absorption rate, urine clumping and manure is easily collected, and old bedding can be used as compost or fertiliser.

Calf Bedding

Animal Health Direct supply natural animal bedding for calves which provides many unique benefits.

Made from 100% natural New Zealand pine, it’s easy to use and provides many advantages to wood shavings or sawdust. AHD’s natural animal bedding is hygienically clean, has a high absorption rate, has no dust, is low maintenance and eco-friendly.


Our extensive calving support and metabolics product range is available from all Over the Counter rural outlets nationally and can be found in an increasing number of rural veterinary clinics. We are a New Zealand owned and operated company offering quality alternative products.