Abagel Plus Horse Wormer

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Parasite control for the health of your horse.

See below for dose rate and ingredients.


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Effectively controls gastrointestinal roundworms, including the arterial stages of Strongylus vulgaris, small strongyles (including benzimidazole resistant strains), lungworm and bots in horses. Also controls horse tapeworms, anopocephala perfoliata.

Withholding: Meat 63 days.

Pack size: 30mL

Dosage: One syringe division of gel per 100kg bodyweight.

Ingredients: Abamectin 4mg/ml and praziquantel 50mg/ml.


Abagel plus for Horses MSDS - TDC 236.81 KB 1674 downloads


Abagel Horse Wormer Product Tech Sheet

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