Ultra-Min Drench

Ultra-Min is an essential vitamin and trace element liquid drench for all classes of sheep, goats, dairy/beef cows and calves

Ultra-Min is a ready to use (RTU) liquid supplement to aid in:

  • Improving overall stock health and vigour
  • Fertility performance
  • Livestock survival

Ultra-Min can be used all year around, as the components work in synergy, but its main use period is for livestock in late pregnancy so that newborns have been provided with essential vitamins and trace elements.

Ultra-Min should be used in sheep when they are feeding on brassicas which normally starts early to mid -winter. The other key use period is for young stock over the spring period when the grass flush lacks trace elements and again during summer months as pastures dry out offering little in feed value and goodness.

It is important to shake the Ultra-Min container well before use. Ultra-Min is a stable formulation but it is normal for such solutions to have some ingredients settling out over time.

Ultra-Min contains Selenium, if using other forms of Selenium consult with your vet or professional advisor before use.

Available in 5L, 20L and 60L containers.