Animec Super

A one dose injectable solution for the treatment and control of internal parasites of cattle, including adult liver fluke.

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Animec Super is a clear colourless to pale yellow coloured non-aqueous solution for injection in cattle.  It contains ivermectin and the flukicide, clorsulson.  Its convenience, broad-spectrum efficacy and wide safety margin make it an ideal product for parasite control in cattle.

Animec Super is effective for the treatment and control of the following in cattle:

  • Gastro-intestinal roundworms
  • Lungworms
  • Eye worms (adult)
  • Warbles (parasitic stages)
  • Mange Mites
  • Sucking Lice
  • Adult Liver Fluke

Why Animec Super?

  • Provides all the benefits of Animec, plus the added control of adult liver fluke in a single injection
  • Treatment and control of external parasites and worms
  • Easily and quickly administered
  • Controls re-infection of certain parasites, for up to 14 days after treatment
  • Can be given to all ages of animals including young calves
  • Safe to use on pregnant and lactating beef cows
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