Anproflex Equine

Anproflex Equine powder is a palatable low dose formulation administered to horses with food.

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– New Generation – Dual Action – joint Care

The Natural Alternative In Joint Care

  • Pronounced anti-inflammatory activity- works within the first week or so.
  • Contains higher quantities Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs).
  • These are known as Eicosatetraenoic Acids or ETA’s for short.
  • Extensive independent scientific studies have shown excellent results, even when compared to well known pharmaceutical compounds.
  • Medical studies has shown that products such as Anproflex soothe stiff joints and help maintain optimum mobility.
  • Anproflex produces visible mobilisation, usually within the first two weeks which continues over time.
  • Recent studies have demonstrated great benefits of Anproflex over long-term use helping to prevent joint deterioration and even reverse joint damage

Nutritional Analysis per 3 gram dose:
Protein 114 mg 28.5mg
Carbohydrate 178 mg 44.5mg
Fat 532mg 133mg


To be administered with or without food. 3 grams per day. Double dose for first 5 – 7 days then reduce to maintenance levels.

Storage: To ensure freshness, once opened make sure lid is securely sealed after use, store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperature variations. Anproflex powder can be kept in a refrigerator.

ACVM Registered #A009806


Hi Richard

I would really like to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product. I have been using Anproflex Equine Powder with my own mare for several months and have found her movement freer, she is taking shorter time to warm up and is generally happier in her work. I have recommended the product to my clients and am very pleased to say that we have had great results. One client has been using it with her gelding that has diagnosed arthritis in the fetlock following a sarcoid removal, Although this horse is only 14, he took a long time to warm up and was noticeably lame in the trot until warm. Very pleased to report that his soundness has improved significantly with his lameness now hardly noticeable, overall movement is freer and he is enjoying his work considerably more.
I have also had clients use Anproflex for Canine and in every case report their dogs moving easier and considerably less pain.

Thank you again, I will certainly be continuing to use and recommend your product.

Kind regards

Tracey Meads EEBW
Equine Therapy Services NZ