Guaranteed instant calcium release

Reduces the risk of Milk Fever by increasing the levels of calcium in the blood to a level that the cow will not suffer metabolic problems.

Also contains Vitamin D3, Phosphorous and Magnesium

Calcium deficiency after calving can lead to milk fever, especially from the second calving and later calving cows that are more sensitive.

Sub clinical milk fever can be as high as 70% of the herd due to the lack of Calcium in the blood, the cow will have a lower feed intake and milk production. The cow is also more sensitive to other diseases. In the case of acute or, “clinical milk fever” the cow goes down.

Calcitop bolus reduces the risk of milk fever by increasing the levels of calcium in the blood to a level that the cow will not suffer metabolic problems.

Calcitop bolus instant release of Calcium offers 21 grams of two different calcium sources, Calcium phosphate as an inorganic salt – slower release 3-6 hours and Calcium formiate as an organic salt – fast release 1-3 hours. Calcitop also contains Vitamin D3, Phosphorus and Magnesium.

Dosage recommendation

2 Calcitop boluses 12 to 24 hours before calving (42 g /Calcium) or, 1 bolus prior to calving and another bolus immediately after calving if required.

The Calcitop bolus is the only Calcium bolus that offers 24 hours protection period and once inside the cow you know she is getting the Calcium required to combat milk fever.

Do not attempt to administer a bolus to a “down cow” as she will not have the ability to swallow. In this instance it is recommended you use the AHD Metaboost or BlueCross CBG 40% Metabolic injection.

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Ingredient CalciTop Bolus 85g (2 applied) Pro Cal Oral 500 ml
Calcium 42g 66g
Phosphorus 9g 0
Magnesium 1.5mg 0.45mg
Vitamin D3 34,000 IU 5,000 iu

1 X 500 ml bottle of Pro Cal Oral is common practise after a CBG or 4 I n1 metabolic treatment

1 x dose of 2 Calcitop boluses would do the same but offer more phosphorus, magnesium and Vitamin D3

CalciTop contains Dicalcium phosphate

Oral Gels contain Calcium Chloride, known to be an irritant and prolonged use can cause ulcers

2 Calcitop boluses (one recommended treatment) will cost $15.74, (suggested retail) very comparable to calcium oral get treatments

Oral Gels are difficult to administer and often the complete required dose is not swallowed – uncertainty as to just how much the cows actually gets

CalciTop bolus, one application, no wastage, quicker and once inside its getting to work on delivering the important calcium to boost levels